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Hold Me a Second Time :iconcuidademi:CuidaDeMi 1 0
Fanfic Entry- Every Day I Spend With You
Pairing [Human CisxKeith]
AU universe [Tiger&Bunny]
prompt [Island vacation]
word count [5,000]
Every Day I Spend With You by CuidaDeMi [Luciana M.]
I fixed the crease from my sweater before I exited and headed to the elevator. Sternbild had different neighborhood levels. I lived in Silver Stage and while the neighborhood was calm, there was still often crime organization causalities around here.
Heroes protected the city from crime and danger. Hero TV broadcast played every night displaying the many valiant acts of our beloved heroes. I admit that while I highly admire Sky High for his heroic acts, but my heart was indebted to Wild Tiger forever. Five years ago, he saved my life.
After hailing a cab, I got inside and gave my direction to the driver. I snuggled my face towards the scarf around my neck.
“Lake Placid Olympic Training Center.”
While, I enjoyed the soft jazz music playing in the cab. I silently rehearsed over my chorography moves in my head for my ne
:iconcuidademi:CuidaDeMi 6 7
Is it Wonderland? Fanfiction
Fanfiction Theme: Bizarre dream
In her dream, she was falling down a black hole. It was dark and smelled like soil used to fertilize flowers. When Tsubame’s feet reached the floor, a spotlight landed on position.
A strong wind blew in her direction causing brown hair to move wildly. She let out a sigh of relief once the wind left her. She was starting to worry that this was not heaven.
Tears fell down her cheeks and she sniffled.
“Don’t cry, Tsubame.” A young man’s voice spoke to her.
“Yahiko is that you?” Tsubame said.
Yahiko walked into the spotlight. He smiled cheekily.
“Yes, it’s me. “
Tsubame went to embrace him. He returned the hug with a blush visible in his face. “I have missed you…but you shouldn’t be here. It is still not your time to be here.”
“Where are we?” Tsubame had to ask him.
“This is wonderland, a valley just east to heaven. “
:iconcuidademi:CuidaDeMi 0 4
Story relay Sesshomaru and Rin project ch. 4
Rin was awoken early in the morning. She turned off her alarm wiping the sleep from her eyes.
She slowly made her way out of bed and picked some normal jeans and a blue sweater to go over her blue shirt.
She used the adjoined bathroom to wash her face, brush her teeth, and apply her makeup, before grabbing her backpack making sure all her books, and supplies were in the bag.
She took a deep breath and stepped out of her room and headed down the stairs and did her best to make a bee line for the front door.
“Rin don’t you want breakfast?” Rin winced slightly when she was seen by Sesshomaru and stopped only long enough to answer him.
“No thanks Sesshomaru, I’m not hungry.”
Rin then dashed out the door before Sesshomaru even had a chance to respond back. She knew avoiding him was only because she was ashamed of misjudging him about being a player.
“He must think I am awful person.”
Sesshomaru watched Rin walk away from where he stood standin
:iconcuidademi:CuidaDeMi 8 21
Cis- Could I stay?
Rotwang’s death had been predictable, but Cis falling in love with a human had been unpredictable. The parents of Barnaby created the research on robots where it led Dr. Saito to use with good intention.
Cis and H-01 were recreated and given second chance of life keeping Rotwang’s design outline. The androids dedicate their superpower strength to help Dr. Saito with his research work on tech engineer. They pledge loyalty to humans, bringing no harm to humans by preparing to save the earth of the war.
Cis was lying asleep inside a capsule connected wires to a power energy machine. Her body is machine and only her face is human appearance. Electric shocks circuited her body while she dreams of a golden haired man.
I am unknown.
The sound of doors switch is heard. A doctor who assists Saito came inside the chamber. He looked over the data collected on Cis internal hard drive. They had finished repairs on AI program and had improved the emotion microchip implanted in her heart
:iconcuidademi:CuidaDeMi 5 5
Forbiden love vocaloid fanfic
The red colored petals lay pooled inside the bedroom. Light gleamed from the bar metal windows that were protected the glass. The glass design glimmered many pretty colors as the moonlight poured through it.
"Rin, I have always loved you," Len whispered to the girl in his embrace as he then placed a chaste kiss on her pouty lips. Her seams parted lightly as her eyes were closed. Her eyelashes fluttered up as she opened her eyes to stare at Len’s blue eyes and that silly smirk on his lips.
"I love you too, but...." she said in a whisper as tears mingled to her soft pale skin. Miku’s happiness is important to me...she deserves Len. Why does our love have to be so forbidden?
Len brought his hand up letting his thumb wipe away the spilled tears."Rin, don't cry anymore. I know I'm a selfish person for dragging you into this dangerous relationship. I don't care what other people think about us." Len said with sincerity and warmth as he caressed and cupped her chin, so she could l
:iconcuidademi:CuidaDeMi 0 0
Vocaloid Fanfic Trade
It was an hour before midnight. Kaito had promised Meiko that he would meet up with her, so he could help Meiko rehearse the new song she had finished composing only a few days, beforehand. They were supposed to meet up at midnight at Lagoon Park. It was Meiko’s idea.
Gakupo had an arm draped over Luka’s shoulder. Luka’s cheeks were flush red from drinking too much. She hiccuped lightly, before exclaiming, “Gakupo, get your hands off me!”
“Ah, come on Luka.” Gakupo begged making an innocent face. It was a bad attempt. Gakupo was equally drunk like Luka. His face was anything, but innocent.
“No!” Luka tried shaking the boy, with long purple hair, off of her.
“I’m definitely not allowing you two to get inside my car.” Kaito said, as he stared at his two friends quarreling.
“Ah, come on! How are we supposed to get home, then?” Luka complained. She gazed intently into Kaito’s navy eyes trying to convi
:iconcuidademi:CuidaDeMi 2 3
To love you forever (One-shot fanfic)
Rendirme en Tu Amor~
Her short hair slid across her face as she leaned down to pick up the school uniform. The uniform had been lying down on her mattress. The uniform had caught a little bit of lint from being stored in the closet.
“I wonder if it still fits.” Tsubame mused in curiosity. She hadn’t worn that uniform in six years. Her brown eyes wandered to stare at the clock hanging from the wall. She realized that she still had time before her husband arrived home.
She took off her clothes and slipped on the uniform’s skirt. The skirt was shorter and it reached up to her thighs. A blush covered her face at feeling flustered. She slipped on the white blouse and the neck tie noticing how the sleeves were shorter on her arms, but surprising the cloth wasn’t tight on her. She slipped on the navy jacket on top of her blouse and tie, before turning to stare at the mirror.
She smiled feeling nostalgic wearing her high school uniform. She had made some wonderful
:iconcuidademi:CuidaDeMi 2 5
El Amor es Buena Suerte
En un pequeño pueblo, personas tenían rutinas que repetían. Los adultos van al trabajo y los estudiantes asisten a las clases de escuela o colegio. Para Rin, la vida era simple al igual que su aparición. Era una chica normal que se viste de moda cuando asiste a clases, pero en casa era una niña normal.
Ella tenía un enamorado que era mas mayor que ella. Era un hombre de que sus padres no aprobarían de su noviazgo, porque el era diez años mas mayores que ella. A Rin, esto no le molestaba. Ella estaba feliz de estar junto a él. El respeta mucho su relación con ella.
Su nombre era Sesshōmaru. Fue un maestro de subtitute enseñando en su escuela clases de física. Sesshōmaru era una persona muy seria que tomó en serio su trabajo. Él no toleraba cuando los estudiantes maltrataran los débiles. los más débiles lo admiraba porque la gente débil se esforzara para convertirse en hacerse fuerte y con
:iconcuidademi:CuidaDeMi 2 3
Baby it's luck
It was a small town. People would have normal routines that they followed constantly. Adults went to work and students attended school or college classes. For Rin, life was simple just like her appearance. She was a plain girl that would dress fashionably when she attended classes, but at home she was just another normal girl.
She had a crush on an older man. He was somebody that her parents would not approve of her dating, because he was ten years older than her. To Rin, this did not bother her. She was happy being together with him. He respected their relationship very much.
His name was Sesshomaru. He was a substitute teacher teaching physics at her school. Sesshomaru was a very serious person who took his work seriously. He didn't tolerate when students would pick on the weak. He was admired by the weak. The weak students would strive hard to become strong and confident, because of him.
Today was a cloudy day, but Rin decided that she wanted to go visit Sesshomaru. You see, today w
:iconcuidademi:CuidaDeMi 4 4

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Zelink: Modern, 7MIHOH - Part Two
(If you would read this in Wattpad I'd really appreciate it!
One describing word for the closet was small, really really small. They were chest to chest and nose to nose, at least until they pressed themselves back in the closet. That gave them a few more inches between each other.
"I'm not kissing you." Zelda said, nervous, breathless, and unsure whether she wanted to or not.
Link smiled slightly. "I wasn't expecting you to."
There was a long stretching silence then. Giggles and snorts could be heard from outside, along with the occasional hiccup from Shadow.
Link finally broke the silence. "I'm glad I got your name... I mean, if I hadn't, then one of those weirdos out there could have gotten it... I don't even want to think about what Groose would ha--" he shuddered slightly from the thought. Groose... More like gross.
Zelda smiled slightly. "I'm glad you got my name, I didn't want to get in any weird situations tonight....
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I am busy planning wedding. I will write more details when I have the time to sit in front of my desktop to share. I finished watching Marmalade Boy, so I was wondering does anyone recommend a good anime I can watch on my free time (it's usually in the late evenings)? Please leave a comment if you'd like to share. Thanks.

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Hola a todos! Esta es mi nueva cuenta. Vamos a ver, he estado usando deviantart desde hace siete aņos. Ja, ja, yo no soy realmente un artista, pero me encanta aprender sobre la historia del arte y me gusta coleccionar piezas de arte. Es un placer conocerte!


Hello everyone! This is my new account. Let's see, I've been using deviant-art for seven years now. Ha-ha, I'm not really an artist, but I love learning about the history of art and I love to collect art pieces. It's nice to meet you!



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